“State of Emergency, lockdown, curfew, rings of steel, businesses shut, schools closed, regional Victoria lockdown – these are now terms familiar to all of us.

Three lockdowns. All due to Victoria’s importation of COVID and the hotel quarantine bungling.

Unbelievably, the Morrison government under the guise of perceived skills shortages wants to ramp up immigration.

Before one visa is granted – should we not look to our own population and those on jobseeker – to fill the perceived workplace shortages?

Our health is already at risk at our international borders. Only just over half of arrivals into Victoria are in fact returning Australian Citizens. The rest are Non-Citizens making up such categories as employment, settler arrivals, friends and relatives. Do the public know this?

The push to open our international borders in a world of imperfect quarantine control, simply risks our hard-earned COVID-free Victoria, open again to mismanagement, outbreaks, and tardy clumsy contact tracing.

For what gain? Firing up the Population Ponzi Scheme burdens our cities with more infrastructure costs, reduces the bargaining power of Australian workers, lowering wage growth and keeping unemployment high.

In Victoria, over 300,000 people are on Jobseeker payments. Importing people will not decrease this number – it only puts us at risk of more COVID outbreaks and closing state borders.”