One of Brighton’s most iconic landmarks, the picturesque pier, is falling into a sad state of disrepair

What should be a beauty of the Brighton coastline has become weathered, in need of restoration. 

Recently, I joined Mr Greg Kemp, Mr Peter Strain and Liberal Member for Brighton James Newbury, to assess the crumbling state of the pier.

It has become a safety hazard.

The State Government – in conjunction with Parks Victoria – has recently advised me that they will be undertaking upgrades, but it is not enough to fix the issue.

I believe this serves as a band-aid solution.

We need a long-term approach to preserve the precinct properly, which would come at a smaller cost and a loss of amenity.

Gaping potholes layer the 1938 breakwater, which is a hot-spot for tourists looking to photograph the scenic city skyline.

Sections of the pathway have collapsed and there are structural defects along the walkway, creating a serious eyesore and a hazard.

This is an accident waiting to happen and needs to be rectified.

I will continue to advocate for the State Government to invest in the Brighton Pier so that it continues to be a mainstay on Melbourne’s coastline for centuries to come.