The recent demolition of two century-old heritage buildings in Camberwell to make way for apartments is yet another demonstration of the State Government’s embarrassing and woeful lack of heritage protection, and enforces the need for a Parliamentary Inquiry. Sustainable Australia MP Clifford Hayes says the Andrews Labor Government is paving a dubious legacy of destroying Melbourne’s remaining heritage in the pursuit of rapid growth. Two houses on either side of the Victoria Rd intersection with Burke Rd in Camberwell are being torn down or have already been demolished with apartment blocks slated to take their place. In the case of these Camberwell properties, the overzealous developers have argued that because the buildings have had minor alterations over the years, they are unworthy of protection. “This is a fickle excuse that developers are using to justify destroying Melbourne’s remaining heritage buildings,” Mr Hayes said. “These buildings needed protection. They needed to be preserved. The alteration excuses are just a convenient way for developers to cash in on the land. “Developers are making a mockery of the system, and making a mockery of this Government. Sadly, our heritage is being destroyed at an alarming rate, driven by greed and an obsession to facilitate rapid population growth. Our beautiful Victorian and Edwardian era homes are being torn down to pave the way for concrete monstrosities. “We need to reflect on whether the current rate of demolition of heritage buildings is really what this government and this Parliament will want to be remembered for. “This is why I am pushing a Parliamentary Inquiry into heritage.