It is extremely frustrating and disappointing that the Government has used its numbers on the Committee to suppress this crucial inquiry into Victoria’s planning system and conveniently palm off embarrassing hearings until after the state election.

It is obvious that this Government doesn’t want any verbal evidence, which would be heard by thepress, presented to the inquiry in an election year because the evidence given will be a dire indictment on their leadership.

Even Blind Freddie can see that the planning system is broken and that the majority of submissions raise serious failures and systemic flaws across the board.

Criticism of the Government’s handling of planning processes have long been ignored, particularly with the Ministers push to take over Council processing and fast-tracking of projects bypassing Council and community consultation.

In an inquiry where finally voices can be heard, the people of Victoria have yet again been suppressed and ignored, for fear that it will expose a broken system and a Government who put election spin over better Government.

Simply put, the Government is concerned about how matters raised and reported in this inquiry would impact their election prospects.

Our heritage is being destroyed at an alarming rate, our social and public housing investment has come to a screeching halt and our Green Wedges and open space are being decimated for development.

This inquiry has already garnered a significant level of community interest, everyone knows such an inquiry is urgent. "

• Planning and Environment Committee members (Government majority) moved to cancel public
hearings and delay full findings until after the state election. An interim report will be drafted this
term, to answer the question of if a full Inquiry should take place 2023 onwards. Littles scrutiny
of the Terms of Reference will take place.
• Government previously gave commitment PEC would undertake the Inquiry and
supported a Motion by Mr Hayes to initiate the inquiry, which was passed in Upper House.
• The Inquiry has received 260 public submissions, from a mix of residents, groups and
bodies such as National Trust, Green Wedges Coalition and local councils. Submitters have
been informed they will not have the opportunity to be heard.