Sustainable Australia MP Clifford Hayes has urged the Government to scrap dangerous hotel quarantine arrangements in Melbourne’s CBD and inner-suburbs and immediately pause international arrivals in Victoria.

It comes amid fears the UK mutation of COVID-19 has escaped the Park Royal Hotel at Melbourne Airport.

Mr Hayes says the risk to the community is too high to continue with the status quo, and urgent changes are needed.

“All it takes is one slip up and we could be plunged into another relentless lockdown, with hundreds of lives lost,” he said.

“Having hotel quarantine in the CBD and in densely populated inner-suburbs, with a high number of international arrivals from the world’s most COVID ravaged countries is a recipe for disaster; the Government is playing Russian Roulette with the health and safety of Victoria.

“The Premier must hit pause on international arrivals while quarantine is moved to a dedicated facility beyond bustling metropolitan Melbourne.”

Mr Hayes suspects the Government is reluctant to scrap hotel quarantine due to the economic stimulation for the industry.

“We know that the Australian Hotels Association is a major donor to the Victorian Labor Party so it must be a tough decision for the Government to pull the trigger on.”

Mr Hayes also criticised the Government’s decision to proceed with the Australian Open, knowing the prevalence of players travelling to Victoria from countries with high community transmission.

“It’s ironic that the Premier last year famously said, “no round of golf is worth someone dying,” yet now, we face another outbreak due to the tennis.”