The Prime Minister’s decision to ramp up international arrivals is negligent and puts Victoria, and Australia, at a greater risk of a catastrophic COVID-19 outbreak.

It seems the PM was undeterred by Victoria’s recent hotel quarantine failures; one of which saw the UK mutation of the virus escape into the community.

This is a textbook example of prioritising the economy and the wealthy elite over community health and safety, and could plunge Australia into a world of pain, quite like many other countries around the world.

While we await a proven and effective vaccine – that is demonstrated to be free of adverse side effects – we should only be allowing returning Australians to cross into our borders and secure a place in our quarantine programs.

That way, we would avoid putting the system under too much pressure and reduce the likelihood of an outbreak.

The Federal Government’s current approach to international arrivals is a death wish which puts us at a greater risk of debilitating lockdowns and unnecessary fatalities.

Further to this, our quarantine programs must be moved from our bustling metropolitan cities and into remote areas to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

Only then, will be truly be able to return to normal.

Scott Morrison and the Federal Government must wake up to themselves and put Australians first.