The State Government’s decision to relocate people living in overcrowded public housing towers is an admission that high rise living presents a significant COVID risk and proves the Government must dump—or at least, urgently readdress—Plan Melbourne.

Plan Melbourne, the Victorian Government’s master planning document, will drive high rise, high density development into Melbourne’s suburbs over the next decade.

Yet at the same time, the Government is offering to relocate public housing tower tenants to private rental properties for two years to slow the spread of the virus.

This proves that Plan Melbourne is outdated, and inconsistent with the goal of defeating Coronavirus.

Comments attributable to Sustainable Australia MP Clifford Hayes: ‘”Plan Melbourne is now an outdated document that if anything, threatens to further facilitate the spread of Coronavirus and it must be scrapped.

“The State Government needs to realise that the way we live and work will be radically changed for a long time as a result of the pandemic, and living in crowded, vertical cruise ships will no longer be feasible.

“The Premier has already conceded that people in these buildings are sharing the same hallways, the same lifts, the same laundry areas, so now he has to tear up Plan Melbourne and plan for a healthier future.

“The brutal and inhumane lockdown of residents in public housing towers is something that must never happen again.”

In Parliament on September 2, My Hayes asked the Government to release any evidence it has that high rise housing tenants are at a greater risk of contracting Coronavirus.