In a major breakthrough for planning and heritage protection in Victoria, the Legislative Council yesterday unanimously passed a proposal by Clifford Hayes MP for the Envi[1]ronment and Planning Committee to investigate the appalling state of Melbourne’s heritage desecration.

In the Chamber, both major parties conceded that the current system is inadequate and change is needed.

Some of the proposed changes include:

  • A new Ministry Portfolio for Heritage Protection.
  • Establishment of a Heritage Tribunal.
  • Increased penalties for illegal demolition and tree removals
  • Changes to population policy at a state level.

It comes after Members of Parliament received more than 70 pages of public submissions supporting the Inquiry.

The Inquiry, brought to the House by Mr Hayes, was co-sponsored by the Victorian Greens.

The report will be due by June, 2022.

It will also explore issues such as the high cost of housing, factors encouraging housing as an investment vehicle, mandatory height limits and minimum apartment sizes and environmental and vegetation protection.

Comments attributable to Sustainable Australia MP Clifford Hayes:

“This is a huge breakthrough for planning and heritage protection in Victoria,” he said.

“Both parties admitted that the current system is woefully inadequate and are keen to see some changes.

“I’m excited to pursue these changes on the Planning and Environment Committee.”