We must spend even more money on infrastructure, according to a report in the Age.1  While bodies like Infrastructure Australia recognise the harrowing effect of this rapid population growth agenda, their futile proposed solution is for us to build our way out of it. We cannot build our way out of congestion. Melbourne’s population growth is exploding and is no longer sustainable. We are creating a third-world city. Mega cities in Asia, like Jakarta, are now crippled by gridlock and characterised by high rise concrete heat islands, severe loss of vegetation and open space, and more and more people living in substandard buildings. Is this what we want? Melbourne is now growing by over 2500 people per week, with 70 per cent of this arising from overseas migration—not from country Victoria or interstate as many would have us believe.1 It is time we have a sensible and educated discussion about population growth before it is too late. Scott Morrison claimed he would cap migration numbers at 160,000. Now we’re seeing more than 270,000 people arrive. Where is the cap? The community wants Melbourne to be the world’s most liveable city—as it once was—not a third-world overpopulated, substandard mega-city. 

1 Sydney Morning Herald, 17/8/2019, Growing Pains: Australia’s Squeezed Suburbs