The City of Moreland is rife with dangerous cladding, MP Clifford Hayes has discovered.
Moreland has been found to have more than double the number of buildings with combustible material than the City of Melbourne.
So far during the Victorian Building Authority’s (VBA) Statewide Cladding Audit, 145 privately owned buildings in the Moreland municipality have been identified to contain flammable cladding – notorious for sparking and fuelling the Grenfell and Lacrosse building fires.
The number is more than double any other municipality in the state, including the City of Melbourne, 64, Port Phillip, 59 and Monash, 55.
The discovery raises a number of serious concerns about building practices both in Moreland and other municipalities in Melbourne.
Member for the Southern Metropolitan Region Clifford Hayes, who has been investigating the cladding crisis, intends to tackle the issue in parliament.
“We have a serious crisis on our hands because developers seem to have been given the go-ahead to cut corners and costs – putting the lives of residents at risk.
“The City of Moreland is rife with death-trap buildings, with the rectification costs possibly being left to residents and set to reach many millions of dollars.”
He said the crisis stems back to the privatisation of the building surveyor, in the Kennett era.
“When I was a councillor, I became aware that new developments were no longer subject to the scrutiny of council’s feared and revered building inspectors,” Mr Hayes said.
“When the role of the building inspector was privatised, building surveyors were directly employed by heavyweight developers.
“This opened the floodgates for opportunistic developers to take shortcuts and rush through projects, at the cost of the community’s safety.
“The employment of the building surveyor should be returned as a council’s responsibility.”
The audit is only being carried out on buildings taller than two-storeys.