Sustainable Australia Member of the Victorian Legislative Council, Clifford Hayes, will introduce a Motion to the Parliament on Thursday 6 February, urging the Victorian Government to dismiss Casey Council in the wake of revelations at the IBAC.

The Motion will also call on the Government to introduce legislation to ban donations to political parties, sitting politicians, state and municipal candidates entirely.

Under the State Government’s “strictest political donation laws in Australia”, entities are still allowed to donate up to $1000, or $4000 over a four-year term.

Thirdly, the Motion will set out to ensure that property developers cannot provide direct or indirect financial support or gifts to Members of Parliament, Councillors, planning staff, or their families – eliminating loopholes that have been abused by both major parties in recent years.

Comments attributable to Mr Hayes:

• The revelations during the Casey Council corruption saga are disgraceful; they are an ugly stain on Victoria’s integrity and reputation.

• I’m not one for sacking Councils, but Casey should be sacked – and you have to wonder why it hasn’t happened already.

• Poor Geelong ex-mayor Darren Lyons must be scratching his brightly coloured head in disbelief, sacked because they (Council) annoyed the local Labor MPs.

• If a political party or Minister is discussing any policy issues with developers while taking campaign donations from them, as this State Government has been doing, then the public interest is taking a kicking.

• The Government takes pride in its campaign financing laws introduced in 2018, but political parties and developers are masters of sidestepping around loopholes and financing restrictions, which is why we need to clean this mess and outlaw property developer donations entirely.

The 2018 New South Wales Electoral Funding Act and the 2018 Queensland Local Government Electoral and Other Matters Amendment Act both list property developers as prohibited donors. Victoria does not.