NSW Government advice to facilitate an explosive post-World War II-style immigration surge that could bring in 2 million people over five years is reckless and irresponsible.

Over the past 18 months, we’ve witnessed the delicate nature of COVID-19 variants, and how they can decimate our way of life. We’ve witnessed the decimation that occurs with open borders, when we expose the country to a flood of virus variants from other countries.

Has the NSW Government learnt nothing from the pandemic?

It is time for Australia to open up. Vaccination is a crucial step in this process. But we have also seen that vaccination does not guarantee that Australians won’t contract the virus, nor does it guarantee that they won’t become sick.

That is why the NSW Government should be prioritising the health and wellbeing of residents
over wealth.

We need to stabilise Australia's immigration intake as soon as practicable. That means capping annual immigration at 70,000 per annum.

That way, we can allow our already struggling public health infrastructure to catch up. As it stands, our crippled hospitals are set to be completely overwhelmed by the surge in patients.

Yet the NSW Government wants to pile further pressure on our doctors, nurses and hospital staff.

This is a frightening and naïve proposal that could plunge Australia into further lockdowns to come.

Australians have waited far too long for the freedom and liberties they deserve; that they’re entitled to.

It is extremely disheartening that the NSW Government is prepared to put that at risk, all in the pursuit of economic benefit.