As the Planning Minister prepares to host his exclusive live Zoom event with the Urban Development Institute of Victoria today, resident action groups continue to be left in the dark with no access to the Minister and repeated refusals to meet.

The developer free-for-all, dubbed the Virual Industry Leaders Lunch, will slug members of the UDIA $49 per head for unprecedented access to Mr Wynne over a mobile phone for one hour.

The event also charges $79 for non-members and $250 per table — but participants are required to disclose what property industry company they work for prior to registration.

As Sustainable Australia MP Clifford Hayes revealed in his maiden speech to Parliament, Richard Wynne is the first Planning Minister to snub residents in favour of developers.

“After being elected mayor of Bayside I joined an organisation called Planning Backlash, led by the awesome Mary Drost, OAM, “ Mr Hayes told Parliament in 2018.

“We represented planning groups with similar issues all across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

This group has led the campaign for greater say for residents and councils and has regularly met with all planning ministers, both Liberal and Labor, up until this minister, who no longer consults with us.”

Today, Mr Hayes made more comments about the Minister’s contradiction.

“This is a complete double-standard; developers are given front-row access to the Planning Minister and residents are left in the dark,” he said.

“For the price of a Giant Feast at KFC, developers at the Urban Development Institute of Victoria are getting unprecedented access to the Minister and the opportunity to trumpet their projects.

“The Victorian Government is way too close to property developers, who merely have to click their fingers for the government to jump. The Minister needs to start meeting with Resident Action Groups, or the Premier should find a Planning Minister who will”.