Sustainable Australia MP Clifford Hayes has welcomed the Government’s decision to fund the rectification of privately-owned buildings with combustible cladding, but says the State’s culture of treating the property industry as a “sacred cow” needs to end. 


While Mr Hayes agreed that the State Government needed to intervene, he noted that State and Federal Government regulatory failures — including the privatisation of council building inspectors and deregulation of the property industry — has led to taxpayers being potentially up for hundreds of millions of dollars. 


“Both State and Federal Government need to learn from this debacle and put in place much tougher and more effective regulation of the building industry,” Mr Hayes said. 


“In particular, they need to look at once again requiring builders to get approvals from council building inspectors before they can sell their properties.


“It is most unfortunate that these regulatory failures, including a culture of treating the property industry as a sacred cow that should be allowed to do whatever it wants, has led to taxpayers being footed with excessive costs.


“I welcome the State Government's decision to intervene, but it needs to learn some serious lessons from this.

“Regardless of what spin the State Government puts on this, it has allowed rogue developers to cut corners and risk the lives of residents for a profit.”