The historic birthplace of Holden, the Lang Lang test track, is again up for grabs; and the State Government has the opportunity to make history and notch a tremendous win for biodiversity.

This is nothing to baulk at. This is 877 hectares of rich native bush land that could set a stunning precedent for environmental conservation in Victoria—if the Government rises to the challenge.

The Victorian National Parks Association, local conservation groups and the Bass Coast Shire Council all called on the Government to do this, but so far those pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

This Government has a unique opportunity to put down the concrete pavers, take a moment away from rapidly overdeveloping our state, and instead show that they’re fairdinkum about our environment.

The Government could take a strong stance here, protecting this site to serve as a stunning ecosystem, and in doing so giving a number of endangered species such as the Southern Brown Bandicoot, Swift Parrot and Long-nosed Bandicoot a very genuine chance at survival.

The last thing we need is for developers to grab up this site and systematically destroy it with urban sprawl, dooming many of these struggling species to extinction.

If the State Government snubs this potential for a huge win for biodiversity, it will further cement Victoria’s status as the “Concrete State” that has facilitated the loss of dozens of native species.

In 2020, I asked the Finance Minister to consider purchasing this site for the preservation of biodiversity.

That opportunity was passed up, but now the site is up for sale again.

If the Government passes up yet another opportunity it will be clear that it couldn’t care less about our environment
and ecosystem loss.