Seeking answers on height controls

On 30 April, Clifford asked the Minister representing the Minister for Planning in the Upper House about the shortcomings of current planning policies.

Does the Minister concede that the disregard of local planning policies, both in refusals to implement mandatory height controls as requested by local councils and directions in the planning scheme, which instruct VCAT to favour state policy over local policy, delivers planning decisions which greatly favour property developers at the expense of local communities and residential amenity?

He also went on to ask:

Will the Governnment support the rights of communities, through their democratically elected councils, to set mandatory height controls for buildings in their neighbourhood, or will it continue to give property developers open slather? 

Minister for Regional Development Jaclyn Symes, on behalf of the Government, returned with the following response. 

Clifford says: 

The feedback I have received from residents, community groups and councils suggest that the Government is out of touch in saying that local planning policies are not being disregarded. Readers comments and experiences would be welcome.