A decision by the Premier to implement a snap lockdown on Melbourne is a blatant
concession that hotel quarantine isn’t working and the people of Victoria are being
punished as a result.

The Premier has put big business before the health and wellbeing of our community.
It’s a simple equation, more overseas arrivals equals greater risk and more chance of a
deadly wave and a debilitating lockdown.

We cannot understand the rewards of bringing in more than 1000 overseas arrivals a
week while ordinary Victorians suffer the consequences.

We now have the deadly UK mutation of the virus to worry about, all thanks to a greedy
State Government, a greedy Federal Government and an ill-conceived
quarantine program.

Australia is so fortunate to have had the virus at elimination and we have done this mainly
because as an island, we can control our borders – the more international arrivals – the
greater the risk.

While we await a proven and effective vaccine – that is demonstrated to be free of ad�verse side effects – we should only be allowing a manageable number of returning Australians to come home.

If our Governments want to prioritise commercial interests over community health - it
could appear as a death wish which puts us at a greater risk of debilitating lockdowns and
ensuing economic damage with unnecessary fatalities.

To anyone who is broken by this lockdown, mentally or
financially, or anyone who catches this horrible virus as a
result of yet another lockdown—blame our Governments.