Sustainable Australia MP Clifford Hayes MP has supported the view of 80% of Britons who want their Government to focus on improving health and well-being, rather than economic growth.
A YouGov poll has found that eight out of 10 people would prefer the United Kingdom Government to prioritise health and wellbeing over economic growth during the coronavirus crisis. Six in 10 want the UK government to pursue health and wellbeing ahead of growth even after the pandemic has subsided.
“I believe this also to be true for Victorians. I receive a lot of public feedback that the focus on growth at any cost is wrong, and certainly the focus on growth at the expense of our health and wellbeing is wrong. It is a most important lesson that we need to take from the coronavirus crisis”.
“Exponential growth is inherently unsustainable, and there are any number of signs of the environmental havoc it is wreaking, such as habitat destruction and climate change.
“Moreover the measurement for growth used by politicians and commentators, GDP, is riddled with flaws. It turns disasters like bushfires and massacres into positives, and overlooks the things that really matter, such as our state of mental health and the condition of our environment. As if that wasn’t bad enough, commentators and lobbyists consistently refer to GDP rather than GDP per capita, when spouting misleading rubbish about the need for population growth”.
“The British public have got it right. Hopefully their leaders will heed the message and focus on health and wellbeing as their key performance indicators in future. And hopefully Australian political leaders, and our media and lobbyists, will get the message as well”.