The State Government has cast a veil of secrecy over Melbourne’s cladding crisis, leaving residents in the dark about their safety. Despite clinging to a bizarre theory that the public identification of properties and homes with cladding would encourage arson, its own Health Department has publically identified hospitals and health services with the combustible material. Is the State Government saying that arson is acceptable at hospitals? Is the State Government concerned about arson attacks on Victorians when they are at home, but not when they are in hospital? Quotes attributable to Clifford Hayes MP:  “Many Victorians are today living in homes which are fire risks due to the use of combustible cladding products.”  “The Government has refused to release the information it holds concerning which homes and buildings are at risk on the grounds that this could encourage arson attacks.”  “The Department of Health and Human Services, to its considerable credit, audited 1100 hospitals and other health facilities to check for non-compliant cladding.  It found 9 hospitals had the flammable cladding, and 11 others required further detailed assessments and it released the names of these 20 buildings in a Fact Sheet, which is up on its website, quote, “to ensure complete transparency.”  The State Government must now, “to ensure complete transparency”, release all the information it has concerning non-compliant cladding on Victorian buildings.